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Torsion Anti radiation chip

Protection from mobile phones radiation .



Torsion Clothing

Thanks to breakthroughs in Torsion field, our scientists have created a unique…


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The long-term vision of Torsion ™ is to teach people about the effects of radiation and how to deal with it. The Torsion ™ is being quickly developed into innovative equipment’s provider against radiation, and supplier through all continents.


The main goal of Torsion ™ is to awaken and educate the world about the non-ionizing radiation, the risks posed to health and how these can be prevented. The Torsion ™ nanotechnology protective chips are the only chips in the world against radiation. It has been scientifically proven that these can eliminate up to 99% of the dangerous radiation.


We try to make Torsion ™ the world's first manufacturer and supplier of protective nanotechnology equipment. Torsion ™ is committed to produce a wide range of innovative anti-radiation products and services, changing the way consumers move and enjoy the daily life’s technologies.


The Torsion ™ is committed to product high quality at all levels within the company. We strongly believe that it is necessary to satisfy our customers by providing superior quality products and services at reasonable prices. To achieve this, Torsion ™ has implemented an effective and competitive system.


Customers’ satisfaction dominates in Torsion ™ business. We are therefore committed in relation with the factors contributing to customer’s satisfaction and protection. Our clients’ desires and needs are vital part of the strategy of our company marketing through mutual communication and understanding.

The company

Torsion ™ Company has invented, manufactures, supplies and distributes devices against the dangerous non-ionizing radiation emitted by mobile phones, telecom base stations, computers, microwaves and televisions.


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