Scientists believe that the use of mobile phones can cause headaches, memory loss, stress, fatigue, child leukemia, eyes problems, brain cancer, cardiovascular diseases and disorders of the nervous system which can cause damage to DNA. The Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, the SIDS and many other effects such as suicide attempts are the result of the influence of electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic fields affect the human brain during the use of the mobile phone. Swedish scientists studied the problems of brain cancer because of mobile phones for ten years. They say that regular use of mobile phones for more than 10 years doubles the chances of brain cancer. The tumor is being developed in the side of the head where the user usually puts the phone.

The mobile phone radiation is especially dangerous for children – their thin skull and immature nervous system is more vulnerable. The lead researcher and health consultant of the Swedish government professor Kzel Mild warns adults and believes that mobile phones should not be used by children.