In 1955 in Russia, Dr. Benjamin Ivanov found through scientific studies of cosmonauts from the father of Astronautics and world-renowned scientist, Sergei Korolev, in the world-renowned educational institution Bauman Technical School in Moscow. Dr. Ivanov was under the guidance and education of Dr. Sergei Korolev, until graduation. In 1961 Dr. Ivanov had to find a way to protect the cosmonauts from the harmful rays of the sun. After several tests and experiments, Dr. Ivanov revealed that the current technological equipment and devices were not appropriate in order to continue his research on various radiations. Nowadays, Such emissions-rays are referred to as non-ionizing radiation, Torsion Field and Micro Lepton.

The fact that Dr. Ivanov could not find the antidote to these harmful emissions back then could not stop him from his work. Indeed, persistent efforts and scientific exercise led Dr. Ivanov in the first operative design of a chip against mobile radiation known as Torsion ™, in 2001. The Academy of Sciences in Russia keeps the sample of this early product until today. The product is tested annually for its effectiveness and to the surprise of scientists around the world, continues to maintain its protective properties 100%.


Today, many scientists argue that mobile phones risk our health and life, while there are those who claim the opposite. The studies indicating that there is no risk argue that the problem lies in the microwave transmission, so there is no danger in using mobile phones. But this is far from the truth. We can protect ourselves from microwaves and mobile phones in the same way, using a simple piece of foil. This method only suppresses the microwave emissions released from the cell phone and has minor effect on non-ionizing radiation produced. Thus, the problem is associated with the electromagnetic field rather than microwaves. These electromagnetic fields are particularly alarming and dangerous for mobile phones users’ health.