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Mobile phones: 4 billion users in risk

An international scientific committee, with 600-page document based on 2,000 scientific studies demonstrate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans (alters brain cells), even at low emission levels. Huge risk for children … ” The scientific community points out a distinct danger signal emitted about the possible adverse health effects from the use of […]


Electromagnetic field and Effects

Scientists believe that the use of mobile phones can cause headaches, memory loss, stress, fatigue, child leukemia, eyes problems, brain cancer, cardiovascular diseases and disorders of the nervous system which can cause damage to DNA. The Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, the SIDS and many other effects such as suicide attempts are the result of the […]

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Children and mobile phones

England banned the construction of children’s phones since the number of children with brain tumors increased by 45%. Bangladesh is about to forbid use of mobile phones by children under 16 years by law. The French government asked to reduce the use of mobile communications, in particular children. So is Germany. Scientists have proved that […]

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MOBILE PHONES AND RELATED DISEASES Tumors, in brain, eyes, and salivary glands Neurological diseases, including autism and Alzheimer’s disease Debilitating diseases such as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, anxiety syndrome, sleep disorders, depression Recrudescence of symptoms of the immune, endocrine, gastrointestinal and reproductive system Problems on the effectiveness of necessary medical and therapeutic intervention. SOLUTION Thanks to Dr. […]


Mobile phone and Health effects

Mobile phone is the deviice that does not depend on physical cable connection to telephone network. It is a mean of communication, which was invented around 1973 and was designed to make our lives better.  However, excessive use of mobile, causes serious health effects arising from the fact that these phones emit radiation. However it […]

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Is Wi-Fi dangerous for children?

A new research published recently in the scientific journal Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure, points out how dangerous are the devices that emit radio frequency of electromagnetic fields for our children! According to the survey conducted on “Why do children absorb more microwave radiation than adults” and published in the Mail Online, radios, televisions, microwave […]