17 Frequently asked questions you should know about torsion.

Many users of cell phones have claimed that they feel the radiation from the handsets makes them confused and more forgetful. There is substantial laboratory evidence from studies of animals supporting these claims. Maze experiments with rats have shown that the animals have difficulties locating food in the maze when they have been exposed to cell phone radiation.


In addition, scientific studies have revealed that EMF exposures change the production of neuro-chemicals in the brain and central nervous system, indicating a potential induced change in brain function.


Mobile phone radiation and health



Q1: What is a Torsion™ Protective Chip?


A: The Torsion™ Protective Chip is a nanotechnology (chip) designed to protect mobile phone users from the harmful effects of non ionizing radiation emitted by their mobile phones


Q2: Will the Torsion™ Protective Chip prevent cancer or cure any medical ailments?


A: Torsion™ Protective Chip is not a medical device. It is not intended to detect, treat, restore or diagnose any previous or present existing illnesses. If you have a medical ailment you should consult an authorized health specialist immediately.


Q3: How is a Torsion™ Protective Chip going to help me?


A: Mobile phone users who utilize the Torsion™ Protective report having less headaches, comprehensible thinking, increased awareness, tranquility, better sleep, improved mental focus, resilience to mobile radiation and a better life style.


Q4: Is the Torsion™ Protective Chip scientifically proven?


A: Definitely – Absolutely – Yes.  Torsion™ Protective Chip is the only chip in the world to be tested by IMEDIS and PERESVET using quantum medicine devices.   The effectiveness of the Torsion™ Protective Chip is further verified by Professor Jurij Grigoriev of the World Health Organization (WHO).  Please visit our www.torsion-tech.com for more information and test results.


Q5:  How does it work


By putting this anti mobile radiation chip on your mobile it builds a barrier to protect brain and ear tissues from harmful radiation it will absorb maximum incoming radiation from mobile phone and it will neutralize that radiation through built in technology


Q6: How long will it take before my Torsion™ Protective Chip takes effect?


A: Compared to defenseless radiation mobile phone users, the Torsion™ Protective Chip provides immediate evidential protection.  Once the Torsion™ Protective Chip is affixed to the mobile phone or battery, it starts to repel the mobile phone radiation by 99%.  It offers instantaneous relief to conditions associated with mobile radiation such as, headaches, forgetfulness, aggression, fatigue and lack of sleep.


Q7: What if I don’t use my mobile phone much – am I still at risk?


A: Yes, as long as your battery is inserted into your mobile phone it is releasing electromagnetic fields (EMF).  These EMF’s are disruptive and very harmful to the natural integrity of human health and life.


Q8: Where on my mobile phone should I stick the Torsion™ Protective Field Chip?


A: The Torsion™ Protective Chip is to be hard-pressed against the rear of the mobile battery or the rear of the mobile phone with the Torsion™ label facing up.  Please refer to our instruction leaflet for a more detailed summary.


Q9:  How will I now the Torsion Protected chip is working?


A: We recommend that you monitor how you are feeling both before and after you apply the Torsion™ Protective Field Chip.  You should notice immediate reduction in head temperatures, headaches, forgetfulness, aggression and fatigue.  Your sleeping pattern will also improve immensely.


Q10: Is the Torsion™ Protective Chip waterproof?


A: Yes, the technology is completely sealed in it plastic wrapping, however, we advise that the mobile phone and the Torsion™ Protective Chip not be exposed to water.


Q11. Will the Torsion™ Protective Chip affect the signal strength of my phone?


  1. No, the Torsion™ Protective Chip will NOT affect the signal strength of your mobile phone, transmission or reception. In fact it decreases cellphone signal interference and you will hear your calls better with less noise.


Q12. If I use the Hands-Free Headset, do I still need to use a Torsion™ Protective Chip on my phone?


  1. Yes, you will still need to have a Torsion™ Protective Chip affixed to your mobile phone or battery even though you are using hands free headsets.  In general, any reduction in the intensity of radiation emitted into the head of the user is of course desirable even the reduction in head exposure intensity obtained by using an ear piece may not bring the level of radiation below the threshold where biological effects occur.


Q13: Can the Torsion™ Protective Chip be used by children as well?


Yes, the Torsion™ Protective Chip should be used by both adults and especially children who are more vulnerable because of their immature neurological system.


Q14: Is there a money back guarantee?


A: All Torsion™ Protective Field Chips carry a 3-year warranty. You may also return your Torsion™ Protective Chip for any reason to your TORSION™ distributor for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. It must be returned in original condition it was bought with the proof of purchase.


Q16:  What are the safety standards for cell phone emissions?


Safety standards for cell phones vary from country to country.  The scientific basis for the standards is that they should make sure that brain tissue is not “significantly” heated by the radiation, since heating believed by some scientists to be the only potential health hazard associated with cell phone emissions.


Q17:  What is the scientific evidence that wireless cell phones cause biological effects?


There is a substantial body of scientific evidence showing that mobile phone radiation cause significant biological effects. Some of the latest studies:


The Wireless Technology Research (WTR), a research body sponsored by the cell phone industry, announced in May 1999 that a study performed at Integrated Laboratory Systems in Triangle Park, North Carolina, on human blood cells showed a tripling in chromosome damage caused by cell phone radiation.  According to Dr. Carlo, the chairman of WTR, this is a strong link to cancer.