An international scientific committee, with 600-page document based on 2,000 scientific studies demonstrate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans (alters brain cells), even at low emission levels. Huge risk for children …

” The scientific community points out a distinct danger signal emitted about the possible adverse health effects from the use of mobile and other sources of non-ionizing radiation.

Distinguished scientists and independent researchers from many countries address urgent appeal to governments and international organizations to move drastically reducing radiation emission limits.

At the same time, more than two billions of mobile phone users worldwide (3.3 billion calculated at the active devices – in Greece more than 15 million connections), participating as “guinea pigs” in the largest experiment in human history.

Deep sensation also was caused by the 2007 Report, the BioInitiative Working Group, of a scientific committee made up of eminent scientists from the US, the European Environment Agency, Britain, Sweden, Austria and China.

In a detailed document of 600 pages of scientific documentation, based on more than 2,000 scientific studies from “around the world, the fact” was declared that there are adverse health effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation, even when it is hundreds or even thousands much below the official European and US limits.”

BioInitiative Report says: “The impact of mobile telephony and generally of non-ionizing radiation is unknown,”. “However it is clear that the current public health protection levels are thousands of times more lenient than necessary. Changes are required. “

“The business as usual is unacceptable,” emphasizes Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Health and Environment Institute of the University of Albany, New York, who is also one of the report authors.

In Great Britain officially handed the BioInitiative Report to the Prime Minister, while all the governments, parliaments and scientific organizations must take stand.

“We do not consider as secure existing Acceptable Exposure Limits, mainly established based on economic-political motives and not as it should be on a scientific basis of recent research” says Mr. Loukas Margaritis, Professor of Biology, University of Athens, who has conducted research showing serious biological effects of mobile phones on insects. The limits introduced by Greece in 2006 on emissions from mobile phone masts are a little stricter than those of the World Health Organization, but “is above the strictest limits in other countries, for example in our neighboring Italy and Russia, where the Soviet era have timely studied the non-thermal effects of radiation. We appeal to reduce the limits in Salzburg levels (0,2 V / m – volts per meter). Today,  countries frequently amend the boundaries down. Belgium decided in February 2007 to promptly limit of 3 V / m, with a target of 0,6 V / m ».

The impact of mobile divided into thermal and non-thermal effects. The second, unresolved yet get more and more revealed by a number of series of scientific investigations indicating potential tampering of the physiological function of cells, mutations, breakage of the genome, up to rupture of the blood-brain barrier that prohibits the entry into the brain side of the blood substances.

” Radiation, electromagnetic fields generated transform some important chemical cell molecules such as amino acids (essential building blocks of proteins) into small magnets  affecting also other cellular flow (eg ions).  As a result,the correct functioning of proteins that are responsible for almost all normal functions of cells is being altered, “says Professor George.

“ The overall metabolism of the cells changes, in a way that some highly toxic oxygen free radicals cannot be neutralized and  as a result oxidative stress occurs, causing damage to DNA and other important chemical cell molecules. “

We do not know exactly yet how this harmful effect happens and what is the exact relationship of the amount of radiation to the consequences that it causes. The biochemical laboratory of Mr. George’s, University of Patras, will contribute in this direction during an ambitious research program.

“We want to” grasp” the highly toxic superoxide radical, which is a stealthy molecule and  lives for one millionth of a second and is the primary factor of generating the oxidative stress,  in order to see if and how concentrations are increased due to the electromagnetic radiation” says the “K” Mr. George. “In addition, we will measure the damage to the DNA, because although they have established quality, they have not quantified, in order to be correlated with the emission levels’.

Tips for users

* Reduce cell phone use as possible. No talks over a minute.

* We always use our conversations hands-free or using Bluetooth. Even then, however, the cell should not be in contact with the body. It must be placed at least 40 cm away from the body. As this is not always possible, special cases have been designed, even one from the Department of Cell Biology, University of Athens (

* If we cannot let our hands free or carry Bluetooth, we should not “stick” our device in our ear, but we should alternate phone’s side and use the loudspeaker  which more phones provide.

*We minimize the use of mobile in the car unless we carry a specific antenna because we get radiation from each point of the vehicle. An alternative way is a conversation with hands-free or Bluetooth, placing the phone in a special position to “seeing” out, passing the radiation outside the vehicle.

* We avoid using the phone in underground, indoors, in elevators and generally where the signal is extremely small.

In this case, the mobiles transmit at maximum power. The same thing happens in open areas of countryside where the base antenna is far away or does not have a good “eye contact”.

That’s why we should be very careful while we use mobiles inside the home (especially in interior rooms).

In late of December the International Committee conference held in Venice on Electromagnetic Safety (, on “Bases of BioElectromagnetics: towards a new perspective for risk assessment.”

What is this new logic?

Mr. Christos Georgiou, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Patras, who participated in the conference, mentioned ” until now the official organizations and companies naturally accept that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation only causes thermal effects on the body.

Limits were raised especially based on them. However, there are also non-thermal, biological effects. With the presence of hundred independent scientists, the BioInitiative Report was called as a report – shock, requiring a new approach. “

According to the researchers, an “electromagnetic smog” is being formed around the modern man from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, coming from many sources: mobile and cordless phones, wireless networks, phone masts and television stations, microwave ovens, high voltage pylons, electrical appliances .

Electromagnetic pollution is associated with a series of negative effects increasingly.

From the “simplest”  one (fatigue, drowsiness, poor concentration, memory decline, headaches, etc.), to more severe: mutation of function of human cells, rupture of DNA, reduced sperm, Alzheimer, epilepsy, acoustic neuroma (benign tumor which reduces hearing), brain cancer, breast cancer, children leukemia.

Dr. Lennart Hardell, a professor at the University Hospital of Orebro in Sweden, presents on the BioInitiative Report that ten mobile phones’ usage shows a 20% increase of chances to brain tumor’s appearance . However, if the use is constant on the same side of the skull, the chances are increased by 200%, i.e. ten times more risk!

On December 6, 2007, Israeli scientists published a research that reveals “a link between using the phone with the tumor presentation on that gland.” While later an Uppsala university’s  research was announced – which in fact was ordered by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum – which indicates that mobile use at night mobilizes the body’s stress system, resulting in insomnia and reducing the ‘deep’ sleep.

Cellular stress is a new threat. Dr. Martin Blanc, a professor at Columbia University, notes that “the cells of the human body react to the electromagnetic radiation, even when it  exists on very low emission levels as other environmental toxins, for example, toxic chemicals.”

Independent researchers are very cautious when studies are funded by the companies. “Brain tumors have grown in a period from 15 to 20 years. The BioInitiative Report underlines that most investigations which “exonerate” mobile phones do not investigate through such time or such heavy use. “

What about new cells? “During the third mobile phones’ generation the way of modulating signal changed, containing lower frequencies on which the human brain can operate.  There is a concern in the scientific community if the effects against brain’s function of new mobiles have been enhanced. That‘s why ” further investigation is required,” replied Mrs. Konstantina Nikita, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering of NTUA.  Society and government must make their moves based on the Precautionary Principle. Nobody says to throw mobiles and other technological applications into the dustbin of technology.

The delimitation of emission (both antennas and mobile), the control of all mobile phones and the disclosure of the SARs (Specific Absorption Rate, showing the power absorbed by the body) are highly and urgently required.