• 3 May 2016

The device created combining nanotechnology, aims to enhance the bio-field and improve the radiation’s adjustment in various parts of the human body. It can be used proactively to disinfect or change the water structure. The Biostimulator is based on scientific discoveries of V.P. Kaznacheeva, academic of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and academic of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, A.F. Okhatrin, A.E. Akimov, G.I. Schipova.

The device is essentially a fabric, 20 x 30cm in which are embedded some special, environmentally friendly materials, which represent our expertise. The mode of the device is based on the reflection of radiation from the human body and the accumulation of radiation energy in the mitochondrion of human cells. Mitochondrion is the main rechargeable battery of live cells. Since the human body consists in an average of 65 trillion cells, could it be possible to fill all cells with power  in a short time? It turns out that this becomes possible, by  placing our hands on both sides of Biostimulator. According to the theory of Su-Jok (Prof. Pak), all organs of the body are connected and correspond to a point of hands and feet. For example, the thumb is connected to the head, the indicator with hand etc.

The Biostimulator restores the bio-field of the human body in just 6 minutes.


Instructions for use:

Biostimulator is placed on the back of the left hand while right hand covers the other side of Biostimulator. (2 minutes)


 After that, the hand positions are reversed (2 minutes)


Finally, we place the device between the two palms (2 more minutes)

Six minutes is enough time to make up the energy of our entire body. Mobile phones, televisions and computers should be turned off, if they are closer to Biostimulator than two meters. Unless these devices are being protected by Torsion chips, then they may be in use.



Biostimulator can be used for changing the structure of water. To achieve this, we need to put a container with water up to 10 liters on Biostimulator’s surface for 10-12 hours. The water turns into spring. You can drink it without restriction as to quantity.

Biostimulator can be used for medical purposes, placing it in the wound site.

Not recommended for:

  • Implanted pacemaker
  • Tumors
  • Hypertensive heart disease


Device for the diagnosis and treatment by the method of R. Folly, “Biotest”.

Purpose: control of medicines, treatments, Vega testing.

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