• 3 May 2016


Protective chip to harmful radiation emitted by your computer.

The protective chip Torsion for computers is designed to consist of a set of five chips. Each chip has a size of 10cm x 1cm x 1mm. To load them, simply remove the back plate and put the sticky side as follows:

  • Desktops:

Four chips are placed on the screen corners, two above and two below.

The fifth is placed in the computer tower, facing the user.

  • Laptops:laptop_example-244x300-244x300

Four chips are placed on the screen corners, two above and two below.

The fifth is placed as shown in the picture.

Recent surveys show that spending 15 minutes in front of a computer screen is quite a significant impact on human health. Nowadays, we use the computer in all our daily activities. More and more people are forced to spend long days in front of a computer screen. The display is a powerful electromagnetic field source. The continuous bombardment of the human body with non-ionizing radiation leads to an imbalance of bio-energy in the body, affecting the central nervous system and the cardiovascular, immune, genetic and endocrine system, causing changes even in blood. After two hours of continuous use of computer, people feel exhausted while in some others such use causes headaches. Women who are constantly working on the computer are exposed at risk of having a complicated pregnancy while the risk of having children with developmental disabilities increases.

Children are particularly affected by the computer: after 20-30 minutes of computer games, uric acid levels in the blood of a ten year old child are similar to a cancer patient. The World Health Organization raises concerns and poses the question of the protection from non-ionizing radiation as primary. We finally developed the protection against the negative influence of each computer. The principle of this action is as follows:

The guard chip Torsion reflects the negative radiation back to its source. When the waves are encountered, two negative waves (-) are converted to a positive one (+), beneficial to humans. On the other hand , the positive transmission of the matrix increases the positive effect by strengthening it.

As you are working on a computer with Torsion protection, you are 100% protected from the negative radiation (up 30GIz), while you also restore your health! (See related investigations.)

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