• 3 May 2016

Torsion TM protection from microwave oven’s negative radiation.
microwave_label-300x80-300x80The main source of “contamination” of non-ionizing radiation-especially in the kitchen is the microwave oven, which emits high and super-high frequencies due to the methods of its fanction. Even though, the food gets prepared very quickly, it is preferable for us to stay 2.1 meters away from the microwaves. The non-ionizing microwave radiation reduces our efficiency, causing difficulty in concentration, fatigue and headaches, leads to irreversible damage of the brain, while affects the central nervous and immune system, and blood vessels. Experiments conducted by means of the Bio-Test diagnostic device show that food prepared in a microwave oven is filled with harmful radiation.


Our protective device not only eliminates the negative effects of radiation as mentioned above, but also functions as a catalyst, accumulating and emitting waves identical with those produced by a healthy human cell. The improvement of the general condition of the human body is supported by our independent tests. Food heated in a microwave oven with Torsion protection, remains healthy for human body.

So far, Torsion TM is unique, because there is no such device with similar characteristics and results all over the world! The creation of Torsion TM was made possible by a series of revolutionary scientific discoveries and inventions in the field of nanotechnology and Torsion field theory.

Should also be appreciated that the fractal structure of the active crystals transforms harmful radiation which is spread in all directions into a radius of two meters, while most other protective devices limit their radius of action of 10-15 cm., and their protective skills do not exceed 20-30% of neutralization of harmful radioactive waves.


The chips are placed inside the microwave oven, one on each side.

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