• 29 April 2016
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Protection from harmful radiation of mobile phones.
cell-phone-chip-158x300-158x300The protective chip “Torsion” is a thin, laminated plate size 20mm x 38mm x 0.1mm. Torsion contains fractal crystals with active substances that inhibit the harmful radiation, based on the principle of conversion of negative, harmful radiation to positive, beneficial to humans.

The guard chip can be easily placed under the battery of mobile phones. In models in which the cover is not removable or missing (as in the iPhone), the chip is placed in the back of the phone with a transparent adhesive tape, and covered by the case of the mobile phone. According to our investigations, the protective chip Torsion TM can neutralize 99% of the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation from mobile phones. The effectiveness of the chip Torsion TM confirmed by independent research of WHO (World Health Organisation), and the Supreme Council of Environment of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, recommended to use the chip protection at the Ministry of Health Industry Program and Social Affairs of the Russian Federation “Protection and enhancement of Health 2003-2010”.


The chip Torsion TM recommended mainly for health reasons. Scientific studies show that the radiation emitted by mobile phones, even in standby mode, reduces the efficiency and user’s attention, affects mood and health, causing tiredness and headaches.

Still, it is possible to create irreversible pathological changes in the brain, the central nervous and immune systems and blood vessels (this is a copy of the document of medical research).


This chip manufactured by us neutralizes the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation mentioned above, and operates as a kind of “biological corrector”, accumulating and emitting waves similar to those that produce a perfectly healthy human cell. The improvement of the general condition of the body is supported by the Research Institute “Protecting independently test the Mother and Child” from the “Bio-electromagnetic Center” from the “National Medical Clinical Centre”, the Republic of Moldova.

So far, Torsion TM is unique, because there is no such device with similar characteristics and results all over the world! The creation of Torsion TM was made possible by a series of revolutionary scientific discoveries and inventions in the field of nanotechnology and Torsion field theory.

Should also be appreciated that the fractal structure of the active crystals transforms harmful radiation which is spread in all directions into a radius of two meters, while most other protective devices limit their radius of action of 10-15 cm., and their protective skills do not exceed 20-30% of neutralization of harmful radioactive waves.

Our goal is to provide actual and specific quality to our customers. This quality relates to the protection against the use of products that emit radiation, such quality is required because affects one of the basic human needs – the need to protect our health.

Our products and devices are tested and certified in medical centers equipped with appliances and implements such as: ARM-PERESVET, BIOTEST, IMEDIS, etc.

Protect yourself and your loved ones!

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