cell-phone-chip-158x300-e1431001939143The Torsion  protection chip is a thin laminated plate about 20 km. x 38 km. x 0.1 km., and contains fractal crystals that block harmful (torsion field, micro leptons) radiation, turning negative and harmful radiation in positive. The chip is non-metallic and has electronic properties.

What is Torsion protection chip?

The Torsion ™ protection chip is a scientific innovation for the urgent needs toward health problems may caused by technology, the radiation of your mobile phone. It is designed in such way to eliminate the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, so you can enjoy a safe and healthy lifestyle.

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, PDA, computers, laptops and so on, has been associated with stress problems and serious diseases. Torsion ™ recognized the need to protect ourselves from such radiation and developed the only protector chip in the world to eliminate the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation by 99%.

Torsion ™ is the perfect weapon against your mobile phone, Bluetooth, PDA, computers, laptops and all other high-end devices.

Torsion ™ has designed and patented in Europe, under the guidance of European Union.

Investing in Torsion ™, you invest in your life!



According to a study published on October 14, 2004, by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, using mobile phones for ten or more years increases the risk of acoustic neuroma incidence.

Two hours exposure at a high frequency electromagnetic waves field (i.e., as in mobile phones) can lead to irreversible DNA divisions on brain cells.

Pulsed high frequency fields used in mobile phones affect the biological processes in the brain, which can be measured by EEG.

The researchers found that two hours of exposure to mobile phones cause brain tumors in rats and destroy important cells for memory and learning.